• I used to call them flashbacks; now they seem more like flash-forwards.
  • Everything always starts with a question.
  • Altered perspectives.
    Thought maps.
  • Necessary provocation. Why mistakes are beautiful.
  • The right time. The right place. The right energy.
  • Collective action.
  • Punk positivism.
    The only change is social.
  • No code: recode. The rules are broken. Re-write the rules.
  • Media outlaws.
    Illusion of freedom.
  • Art directing reality. Real versus unreal.
    The beauty of the invisible.
  • We are endless… Now… The future is a verb.
  • Print empowerment. The independent way.
    Valuing the intangible.
    Trust in the you of it.
  • Multiple selves. Shifting perspectives.
  • Sex & identity.
    Who do you think you are?
  • Conversation is creation.
  • Lyrical mind-bombs.
    Don’t read it, feel it.
  • The triumph of optimism.
    Defiant not defined.
  • The power of paradox.
  • Always be defiant and never be defined
  • The best conversations are beyond words
  • Welcome to the perpetual conversation